Brothers' Nest | feature | premiering at SXSW 2018

credits: additional material, script editor, associate producer
director: Clayton Jacobson | producer: Jason Byrne 

With their Mother dying of cancer & determined to leave the family home to her "new" husband, two brothers go to extreme & deadly lengths to protect their inheritance from being signed away before it's too late.

Play It Safe | feature | released 2015

credits: writer, director, producer

When Jamie's band breaks up, he's left with no money, no career, and no girlfriend. Now he teaches piano at a soul-destroying music school. Will he take a risk and follow his dreams? Or will he surrender to his new-found unhappiness and play it safe?

"This new film will resonate with every struggling musician you know."
-- TheMusic.com.au


features & tv — in development


The Girls | feature

credits: co-writer (with Lis Collins, Steve Rogers, and Clayton Jacobson)
director: Clayton Jacobson | producers: Jason Bryne, Kristian Moliere

Deep in the forest, an eleven-year-old girl holds her father hostage. "The Girls" examines the struggle between abandonment, courage, and the fight for forgiveness.

Distant Runners | feature

credits: co-writer (with Clayton Jacobson)
director: Clayton Jacobson | story by: David Michôd

1992. 19-year-old Chris is only a few days off escaping the monotony of his everyday life to lounge poolside in tropical Bali. But his manipulative cousin Mickey has other ideas. Apparently, they have 6 hours to find $1,200 for a deranged ex-cop or Mickey’s toast. They embark on an increasingly bizarre & dangerous journey involving stolen cars, stoner chicks, and Chinese food. Will they find the money and save Mickey’s skin? And, more importantly, will their friendship survive the night?


Monogamish | half-hour drama/comedy

credits: creator & writer

A couple in their early-30s battle to keep their marriage on track while experimenting with an open relationship. Could it actually be possible to have your cake and eat it too? 


Overthinking | half-hour comedy/drama

credits: creator & writer

Logic is neat. Life is messy... An up-and-coming logician moves halfway around the word to work with his idol at a prestigious university, only to find that the philosophy department's been shuttered, his dream job no longer exists, and his idol is quite possibly insane. In one fell swoop he loses his wife, his home, and his career. His only remaining option -- teaching a course in "the philosophy of business" that's the antithesis of everything he believes in to rich white douchebags who act like "Ps get degrees" and international students who can barely speak English. 

Take My Advice | half-hour comedy/drama

credits: creator & writer (with Jaime Browne)

A disgraced online advice columnist seeks to repair the lives he destroyed with his ill-conceived guidance after it’s revealed that he’s not actually a sweet old lady delivering homespun truths, but rather a thirty-one-year-old idiot with rent to pay and a creative writing degree from community college.