writing samples

The Girls

feature length drama 119 pages
march 2018 — sixth draft, first polish
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After collaborating with director Clayton Jacobson on the script for Brothers' Nest (SXSW 2018), I was brought on to work on the fifth and sixth drafts of The Girls. The film explores 11-year-old Elsie's traumatic entry into adulthood, as one impulsive act leaves her stepfather Frank seriously injured and trapped under the wreckage of his car. After years of being kept in isolation by her domineering and narcissistic mother, Elsie decides to keep the accident a secret in order to learn all she can about the outside world and the men who routinely abandon her.

The Trouble With Unicorns

web dramedy pilot 16 pages
april 2018 — first draft, first polish
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A serialised web dramedy that I'm currently preparing to direct & produce independently in the second half-half of 2018. I collaborated with writers Grant Scicluna, Holly Alexander, Andy Balloch, and Matt Kelly to completely reimagine my TV spec Monogamish — moving from an expansive approach, which featured an ensemble cast and a wide spectrum of relationship styles, to a much more intimate examination of two people's evolving sexual identities and emotional needs as they dip their toes into the world of non-monogamy.


half-hour comedy pilot 38 pages
january 2018 — second draft
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Logic is neat. Life is messy... An absurd half-hour comedy spec written in collaboration with comedian Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall. Overthinking follows an an up-and-coming logician who moves halfway around the world to work with his hero at a prestigious university, only to find that the philosophy department's been shuttered, his dream job no longer exists, and his idol is quite possibly insane. 


half-hour dramedy pilot 38 pages
june 2017 — sixth draft
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Monogamish follows a couple in their early-30s battling to keep their marriage on track while experimenting with an open relationship. It originated as a spec one-hour drama script, and was then re-developed into a half-hour dramedy with the attached producer/development-exec. I ultimately decided to reboot the project as The Trouble With Unicorns, and this is my last draft in the half-hour format.