major projects

The Trouble With Unicorns | series, financing — 2019 (finalist Austin Film Festival Script Competition)
roles: showrunner, writer, producer, director
writers: Chris Pahlow, Grant Scicluna, Holly Alexander, Marieke Hardy
directors: Grant Scicluna, Michelle Savill, Greta Nash, Chris Pahlow
producers: Richard Kelly, Daphne Do, Chris Pahlow

The Girls | feature, financing — 2019
role: screenplay by (with Clayton Jacobson & Lis Collins)
director: Clayton Jacobson
producers: Jason Bryne, Kristian Moliere, Clayton Jacobson

Fergus Moondrops | feature, in development — 2019
role: co-writer (with Darcy Prendergast)
director: Darcy Prendergast
company: Oh Yeah Wow

Distant Runners | feature, in development — 2018
role: screenplay by (with Clayton Jacobson)
director: Clayton Jacobson
story by: Clayton Jacobson & David Michôd

Wildflower (야생화) | feature, in development — 2018
role: story by (with Sam Bliss)
producer: David Gim
company: Continuance Pictures

Brothers' Nest | feature, released — 2018 (SXSW)
roles: additional writing, script editor, associate producer
writer: Jaime Browne
director: Clayton Jacobson
producer: Jason Byrne

Play It Safe | feature, released — 2015
roles: writer, director, producer

freelance work

Pub Crawl | feature, in development — 2019
role: writers’ room
writer: Marieke Hardy
company: Village Roadshow

Dreamtime | feature, in development — 2019
role: writers’ room
head writer: John Collee
producer: Shane Jacobson

Clockwork | series, in development — 2019
credits: script producer, additional material, writers’ room


The Bottomless Bin | 2015
credits: director, producer

Zen Thermostat | 2014
credits: director, producer

music videos

Mantra - The Fear | 2014
credits: director

Allday - That Phone Is A Brick | 2014
credits: director, producer

Nathan Liow - Artifacts | 2014
credits: director, producer, cinematographer

Allday - Girl In The Sun | 2013
credits: director, producer, cinematographer

NLT - Procession | 2012
credits: director, producer, cinematographer

The Dead Leaves - If The Shoe Fits | 2011
credits: creative director, editor

Watson/Liow - Going Away Song | 2011
credits: director, producer

Spacecadet Lullabies - Tali Meets Mr Ricketts | 2010
credits: director, producer, editor

Patinka Cha Cha - We Are The Knife | 2010
credits: director, producer, editor

Bianca Chen - Something Great | 2009
credits: director, producer, editor


Starky | Docco, 18mins | 2013
credits: producer, editor

Supermarket Musical Massacre | Animation, 8mins | 2008
credits: writer, director, producer, editor

Neon Blue | Docco, 12mins | 2008
credits: director, producer, editor

Fraught | Animated Docco, 8mins | 2007
credits: producer, editor, cinematographer
Best Australian Film, 2007 Melbourne International Animation Festival

The Line | Animation, 3mins | 2006
credits: co-director, producer, editor