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Two brothers go to extreme and deadly lengths to protect their inheritance from being signed away before it's too late.

"This could (and should) be the sleeper hit of [SXSW]."
— David Fear, RollingStone

“Razor-sharp, darkly funny and tense.”
— RogerEbert.com

/credits Additional Material, Script Editor, Associate Producer

/released 2018
black comedy
/director Clayton Jacobson
/producers Jason Byrne, Clayton Jacobson
/companies Bison Films, Jason Byrne Productions, Label Ent.

When 26-year-old Jamie's band breaks up, he's left with no money, no career, and no girlfriend. Now he teaches piano at a soul-destroying music school. Will he take a risk and follow his dreams? Or will he surrender to his new-found unhappiness and play it safe?

"This new film will resonate with every struggling musician you know."
— TheMusic.com.au

“First time director Chris Pahlow is a talent to watch...”
— Sharon Hurst, Cinephilia.net.au

/credits Co-Writer, Director, Producer

/released 2015
/company 1959 Productions

currently in development


The Girls

One impulsive act leaves 11-year-old Elsie’s stepfather Frank seriously injured and trapped under the wreckage of his car. After years of being kept in isolation by her domineering and narcissistic mother, Elsie decides to keep the accident a secret in order to learn all she can about the outside world and the men who routinely abandon her.

/credits Screenplay by (with Lis Collins and Clayton Jacobson)

/scheduled release 2019
/format feature film
/attached director Clayton Jacobson
/producers Jason Byrne, Clayton Jacobson, Kristian Moliere
/companies Jason Byrne Productions, Label Ent.

/script sample march 2018 — sixth draft, first polish
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The Trouble With Unicorns 

Could it actually be possible to have your cake and eat it too? A couple in their early-30s begin their first non-monogamous adventure… Only to find that open relationships aren’t always as liberating as you’d think.

/credits Creator, Writer, Producer, Director

/scheduled release TBC
/format streaming series
/attached directors Grant Scicluna, Chris Pahlow
/producers Richard Kelly, Daphne Do, Chris Pahlow
/companies 1959 Productions, 2Jons

/script sample april 2018 — first draft, first polish
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Bottlebrush (야생화) 

When a shy Korean teenager is shipped off to a hostile Australian town without explanation, he seeks escape via a job as a farm labourer. But as things turn nasty between his new workmates and the grieving widow who owns the farm, he's faced with the hardest decision of his life.

/credits Co-Writer (with Sam Bliss)

/scheduled release TBC
/format feature film
/attached director Tristan Barr
/producers Tristan Barr & David Gim
/company Continuance Pictures

/script sample
not yet available


Distant Runners

19-year-old Chris has 6 hours to help his manipulative cousin Mickey find $1,200 for a deranged ex-cop or Mickey’s toast. They embark on an increasingly bizarre & dangerous journey involving stolen cars, stoner chicks, and Chinese food. Will they find the money and save Mickey’s skin? And, more importantly, will their friendship survive the night?

/credits Screenplay by (with Clayton Jacobson; story by David Michôd)

/scheduled release TBC
/format feature film
/attached director Clayton Jacobson
/company Bison Films

/script sample
not yet available


Fear of the Unknown

A failed magician with delusions of grandeur finds validation in a club for illusionists. But as this insular group becomes an echo chamber of frustration, it’s hard to know what’s more terrifying — the potential existence of supernatural forces, or the growing callousness and entitlement of the people trying to summon them. If he really is destined for greatness, then now’s the time to act.

/credits Writer/Director

/scheduled release TBC
/format feature film
/company 1959 Productions

/script sample
not yet available


Parental Guidance

He’s not a great dad, but he’s a bloody good hitman.

/credits Co-Writer (with Darcy Prendergast)

/scheduled release TBC
/format feature film
/attached director Darcy Prendergast
/company Oh Yeah Wow

/script sample
not yet available

spec scripts


half-hour comedy pilot 38 pages
january 2018 — second draft
download script

Logic is neat. Life is messy... An absurd half-hour comedy spec written in collaboration with comedian Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall. Overthinking follows an an up-and-coming logician who moves halfway around the world to work with his hero at a prestigious university, only to find that the philosophy department's been shuttered, his dream job no longer exists, and his idol is quite possibly insane. 


half-hour dramedy pilot 38 pages
june 2017 — sixth draft
download script

Monogamish follows a couple in their early-30s battling to keep their marriage on track while experimenting with an open relationship. It originated as a spec one-hour drama script, and was then re-developed into a half-hour dramedy with the attached producer/development-exec. I ultimately decided to reboot the project as The Trouble With Unicorns, and this is my last draft in the half-hour format.

about chris


Chris Pahlow is a Melbourne-based screenwriter, producer, and director. After releasing his first feature Play It Safe in 2015, he worked with Jaime Browne & Clayton Jacobson on the script for Brothers' Nest, which premiered at SXSW in 2018 and was described by RollingStone as the film that “could (and should) be the sleeper hit of the fest”.

As well as developing a number of his own original film and TV projects, Chris is currently writing new projects for Clay, Grant Scicluna (Downriver, 2015), Tristan Barr (Watch the Sunset, 2017), and award winning commercial & music video director Darcy Prendergast.

If you’re interesting in booking Chris for a writing project, you can read his samples at the links above, and contact him via email here.

+ email: chris.pahlow [at] gmail.com
+ instagram: instagram.com/chrispahlow
+ vimeo: vimeo.com/chrispahlow