Last weekend KICK KICK PUNCH headed up to Wagga Wagga for the start of the Australian International Animation Festival. This year I was invited to come up and do a talk about combining live action & animation, and I screened a rough offline edit of the new Patinka Cha Cha clip (currently in post production). Representing the KKP was Studio Manager Jennifer Wong, Director Maia Tarrell, and myself. Steph Brotchie (D.I.Y Art, Vigilantelope) and Shirrah Comeadow also joined us for the roadtrip.

AIAF is always a big weekend on our calander and this year's festival didn't dissapoint. We saw a lot of great films and were lucky enough to hang out with some really great animators too. Many thanks to the AIAF team for having us, especially Malcolm, Andrew, and Helen.

Some of the sights along the way into Wagga...

AIAF was held at the local "Forum 6" cinema in Wagga Wagga.We arrived on Friday night via our trusty (although uncomfortable) steed, we dubbed "The Weevil".

Festival directors Andrew Hagan & Malcolm Turner opened the festival. We watched the first international programme, and then enjoyed the ensuing festivities...

We woke up early the next morning for breakfast at Scribbles Cafe.
Scribbles serves a great hot breakfast as well as letting you draw on the table. They're also home to the one and only "Disco Duck". Who knew? (For clarification, I actually do not love golfers. Thanks Maia...)

After breakfast we headed off to the Wagga Wagga Winery for the annual filmmakers lunch (it's a hard life on the festival circuit).
If you like cooking your own barbecued meat and you don't mind fishes with heads on then this is the place for you. The winery is on a beautiful property and the good food, weather, and lovely people made for an excellent afternoon.

We stopped off a couple of times on the way back in to town to do some sightseeing...

Only a few hours later were the 101 sessions. Malcolm gave his talk at 4pm, and mine was at 5pm. Here's Malcolm doing some last minute preparations.

And here's me doing my last minute preparations...

Malcolm showcased a bunch of really great new animations as well as a classic episode of Felix the Cat from 1922. Felix sure was different from what I remembered. Back in the day he fought in a war, won the war with the help of sausages (?) who traveled through radio waves, and finally had his bride stolen (which for him was a lucky escape apparently). Good times. After that it was time for my talk. Malcolm gave me a great intro and away I went. KKP Studio Manager Jen was a big help, deftly navigating the mess of slides I had neglected to properly organise.

Right after the talks was the Australian Panorama screening. It was a really great session, lots of wonderful films this year! We hit up Wagga's Mexican restaurant for a celebratory dinner. As you can see, the place has amazing decore.

After that I caught the end of the Late Night Bizarre, and caught up with Helen, Malcolm, and Andrew for one last photo.

Sunday was all food, breaks, and driving. And then we were home.

The end. Photos by Maia Tarrell, Jennifer Wong, Steph Brotchie, & myself.



It's official! The KKP crew will be hitting up the Australian International Animation Festival in Wagga Wagga in just under a month. I will be giving a talk on the We Are The Knife clip on Saturday the 15th of May. If you're in town come on down and grab a peek at the video's unofficial festival premiere.

Many thanks to festival director Malcolm Turner for inviting me along. This will be the third time I've attended and presented there and I'm really looking forward to it. For anyone interested in animation, this is one of the year's highlights! Great films and great people, what more could you ask for?

Here's some info on my presentation:

CCCC Year 12 Media Workshop

Last Saturday I headed up to Yellingbo for the annual Caroline Chisholm Catholic College Arts Camp for year twelve students. I ran a day long workshop for six year twelve media students, and covered a range of topics from basic camera skills, scene construction, and a pitch and writing workshop. All the kids were really fantastic to work with and showed a great deal of promise.

All in all I had a great day, and really enjoyed working with the students. The arts camp as a whole seems really fantastic (they also had workshops on a number of other fields including photography, textiles, visual communication, etc). A big thanks to Mark Gustincic and Mark Groves for inviting my down. I can't wait for next year's camp!

D.I.Y Art Films on the ACMI website

Check it out! An interview we did with the lovely people at ACMI at last year's Melbourne International Animation Festival:

Also, MIAF is now on Facebook! Befriend the festival here.