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Australia's favourite plumber is coming to the small screen. A new tv series, based on the hit movie "Kenny" should be airing on channel ten in the next couple of weeks. Kenny's World follows Kenny as he travels the world meeting all sorts of people and having all sorts of laughs!

Here's what channel ten says:

In this the United Nations Year of Sanitation, Kenny has been invited by Network Ten to host an international travel show with a difference. KENNY'S WORLD follows Australia's favourite porta-loo plumber and part-time philosopher on a sightseeing tour you won't find in any travel guide.

From the world's fastest Porta-loo in Indianapolis, Egypt's City of the Dead, The World Toilet Summit and Expo in India, the latest zero-gravity super loos in space to the eco friendly green toilets in the ancient Chinese capital Xi'an, Kenny scours the globe for bizarre, intriguing and often downright ridiculous examples of toilet technology and the people connected to them.

KENNY'S WORLD is a uniquely engaging, informative and entertaining celebration of humanity - told with honesty, respect and heart - via one of the most basic but least talked about aspects of human life - "taking care of business."

Even though Kenny has been a great success these guys are still working incredibly hard! I found SMM's seven months of production taxing enough but Kenny director Clayton Jacobson has been working on this stuff for around five years. And I mean working full on with no sleep type of working! These guys are the real deal doing it for the love so make sure you catch Kenny's World when it airs!

EDIT: Kenny's World premieres on Wednesday, September 10 @ 8:00PM on Channel 10. Don't miss it!

Chris Pahlow

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