>The J

>Finally, our long lost Triple J entry from last year... (Blame YouTube for the bad sound!)

I think we whipped this one up in only a few days, between other projects.

Here's the production credits as best as I can remember (Steph, let me know if I've got them wrong)...

Original Concept: Steph Brotchie
Directed & Produced by: Steph Brotchie & Chris Pahlow
Animation: Steph Brotchie
Poetry: Julian Lichtenstein
Dancing: Julian Lichtenstein
Edited by: Chris Pahlow & Steph Brotchie
Camera & Microphone: Chris Pahlow

Chris Pahlow

Chris Pahlow is an independent writer/director currently in post-production on his debut feature film PLAY IT SAFE. Chris has been fascinated with storytelling since he first earned his pen license and he’s spent the last ten years bringing stories to life through music videos, documentaries, and short films.